Irek Gorniak
Graduate Student
Lab Specialist
Visting Scientist
Visiting Student
Graduate Student
Graduate Student
Lab Manager
Graduate Student


Olga Mazur - attends Medical School in Mississippi

Mehul Patel - joined UVa Medical School

Dan Roberson - teaches for America in San Francisco

Tim Wills - VCU Medical School

Joanna Strumillo - attends graduate school back home in Poland

Caleigh Azumaya - attends Graduate School

Maja Napiorkowska - Graduate School at ETH Zurich/CH

Adishesh Narahari - attends Med School at UVa

Sandra Bokarnikov

Joshua McNamara - Graduate School at Johns Hopkins University

Okako Omadjela - prepares for Nursing School

Vikrant Khare - attends Medical School

Sophia Lim - prepares for Medical School

Jacob Morgan - Postdoctoral Fellow at Wash. U.

Duncan Cannon - Master in Forestry at Oregon State

Sam Johnson - Graduate School in Philly

Matt Blackburn - Graduate School in Wisconsin

Caitlin Hubbard

Yunchen Bi - Professor at the Institute of Oceanology, Qingdao, Chinese Acad. of Sciences

Lukasz Mateusiak - Graduate School in Europe

Anna Borowska - PhD in Groningen/NL

Chris Caffalette - postdoctoral research in NYC

Justin Acheson - cryo EM specialist at U. of Wisconsin-Madison

Balu Chittoor - Returned to India

Sidny Judy - prepares for Medical School

Nick Spellmon - Structural biology specialist at HHMI Janelia Research Campus

Cole Weaver - Applying for dental school